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Summoner Wars Starter Decks : Guild Dwarves vs Cave Goblins

Plaid Hat Games

The Expandable Card Game of Tactical Combat.

Summoner Wars brings all of the action and strategy of a miniatures game into an affordable card game format. In Summoner Wars players will take on the role of a powerful Summoner, and each will summon forth elite warriors to the battlefield and weave magical spells as the battle against their opponent swells.

Summoner Wars is an expandable, non-blind purchase card game. The are a wide variety of Reinforcement Packs, which add more units to the various factions and allow for deck building, and Faction Packs, which add whole new armies to the game. Summoner Wars can also easily support 4 players with the purchase of 2 Starter Sets.

The Starter Sets were originally printed in 2009 and are being re-released in new packaging as
Summoner Wars continues to grow in popularity and success.

Contents: 70 cards (2 complete faction decks), 1 battle mat, 5 6-sided dice, 20 wound markers, 1 rulebook

Vendor: Plaid Hat Games

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