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Star Wars Destiny: Allies of Necessity Draft Set

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Designer: Corey Konieczka, Lukas Litzsinger

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 30 minutes

Recommended Age: 10+

Mechanisms: Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers

Desperate times call for desperate measures in the Allies of Necessity Draft Pack for Star Wars™: Destiny!

Allies of Necessity features 20 new cards that can be used to supplement your pool of cards in a draft or sealed event, and provide new options in constructed deck building!

Like Rivals before it, players just need a copy of Allies of Necessity and six Star Wars: Destiny booster packs to participate in their every own draft or sealed event! What's more, the cards in your Allies of Necessity Draft Set are completely reusable—no matter how many drafts you play, you'll only ever need to buy a single copy of Allies of Necessity to enable your draft games of Star Wars: Destiny!

Contains 20 cards and 9 dice