Rising Sun - Kickstarter Edition!

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Note:  This is a SPECIAL PRE-ORDER Item.  Because of the "limited exclusivity", we will only bring in the exact number of copies for those who pre-order the game.  In order to pre-order the game, you need to order online and pay 100% on or before April 3, 2017.  As per publisher CMON, the Kickstarter print run is set for March 2018.  This means you can expect the items to reach the Philippines and be with you in three to four weeks after their print run goes for delivery.

Rising Sun is the spiritual successor to Eric M. Lang’s Viking epic, Blood Rage, and reunites the entire creative team behind it. Set in Feudal Japan, players assume the role of powerful Daimyos. They lead their clan with wisdom and diplomacy, but when the need arises, they won’t hesitate to jump into battle! Players will call upon the Gods for help, and receive the assistance of powerful monsters. It’s all fair game in the land of the Rising Sun.

Rising Sun is a very personal project for Eric M. Lang. It’s the second in a series of games inspired from the legends and mythologies that thrilled him as a kid. The Viking epic Blood Rage was a remarkable example of how a game can embody the source material in theme, mechanics, and especially art and components. It was this same attention to aesthetic that CMON hoped to recreate by reuniting the same creative team for Rising Sun.

This pledge includes any and all unlocked Stretch Goal content from the Kickstarter Edition!  Also includes the exclusive Phoenix Monster!