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Rise or Fall

Fox Mind Games

They're all here! The goths, the geeks, the jocks, the cheerleaders and other cliques and they're all competing for the top spot.

Chart your own path to the top of the popularity ladder by deciphering your opponents' intentions. Each turn you play a single card. You can either attack an opponent's clique or you may choose to defend or promote your own clique. Play your cards right by sensing the other players' intentions and you will earn popularity points. Make a mistake and you'll lose them!

A captivating game of Intrigue, Survival and Triumph. Whatever the outcome, the only certainty is your desire to play another round!


8 Screens

72 Cards (9 cards per player)

49 Popularity Points

1 Trash Bin

Game Rules



Game Length:10 minutes



Vendor: Fox Mind Games

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