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Police Precinct

Common Man Games

he Heat is On!

It's June, and summer is alreadyheating up. Gang activity is on the rise, the Street Punk population is growing, and emergencies are happening at an unprecedented rate.

You and a handful of select officers have been appointed to a task-force in charge of investigating a high profile murder case. The big challenge is to solve this mystery before the murderer escapes your precinct jurisdiction, while trying to stay on top of your normal workload. Even worse, Internal Affairs suspects that someone in the police force is corrupt, maybe even someone on the investigation task-force itself!

Rumor has it, whomever this Dirty cop is, they are being bribed by forces in the underworld to prevent the crime from being solved.

Will you be able to complete the murder investigation if there is a cop-gone-bad in your ranks? If you can get this situation under control before the murderer flees, you will win the game and receive honors from the mayor himself!

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