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Pixel Tactics: Mega Man Blue AND Proto Man Red with Playmat (KICKSTARTER BUNDLE)

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Pixel Tactics is a 2-player card game that captures the tactical strategy of a classic SRPG (Strategy Role Playing Game). Battles take about 30 minutes to play, and each game is vastly different due to the powerful influence of Leaders over game play!

Mega Man Pixel Tactics combines the critically-acclaimed gameplay of Pixel Tactics with the classic art and themes of Mega Man. Each box comes with over 25 different characters, including Mega Man himself and his many allies and villains throughout the classic series. Both boxes are complete games, and you can play a complete 2-player game with just one box.

This Bundle includes Pixel Tactics Mega Man Blue Edition AND Proto Man Red Edition. This includes over 50 different characters from the Mega Man series, including Robot Masters from classic Mega Man 1 through Mega Man 6!  It also includes a special Mega Man Pixel Tactics Playmat.

AND This pledge also includes any and all unlocked Stretch Goal content from the Kickstarter Edition!  Stretch Goals include up to 22 promotional characters from Mega Man's latest adventures! And an even bigger surprise in store if all are unlocked.