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Numenera Character Option

Monte Cook Games

Product Description

Numenera Character Options

Every player wants to play exactly the character they envision. AndNumenera Character Optionsis here to help make that possible! This book is brimming with new material and new choices to help makeNumeneracharacter creation even more fun, more interesting, and more weird.

Numenera Character Optionsincludes:

¢ More than 40 new abilities for each character type. New fighting moves for glaives, esoteries for nanos, and tricks of the trade for jacks.
¢ More than 40 new descriptors, including location-based descriptors to tie your character to the setting of the Ninth World, and even ?negative? descriptors like Craven, Cruel, and Doomed.
¢ Dozens of new foci, such as Battles Automatons, Masters Insects, Moves Like a Cat, Never Says Die, and Travels Through Time.
¢ New mutations for mutant characters.
¢ Four new racial descriptors (including a new visitant type) for players who really want to play something weird.
¢ New options for advancement beyond the sixth tier.
¢ Much more!

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