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MERCS Miniatures

Enter the World of Myth

Myth is a fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic, hobby-quality miniatures. Players take control of a Hero and battle against the forces of the Darkness. Through traps, trials, and tests, the players create their own tales. And it is these stories that are the real myths, told and retold with friends and family at game tables and mead benches, earning warm smiles and treasured laughter.

This fully cooperative fantasy board game allows players to play against the game. No longer will a person have to take up the role of the bad guy, Myth's Darkness utilizes an intelligent priority system that changes and reacts to the players. No two games will ever be the same.



1 Darkness Board

5 Hero Boards

10 Realm Tiles

41 Plastic Miniatures

15 Dice

309 Cards

- 155 Hero Cards

- 30 Quest Cards

- 7 Monster Cards

- 10 Darkness Cards

- 10 Merchant Cards

- 97 Item Cards

304 Tokens

- 8 Hero Tokens

- 6 Lair Tokens

- 50 Treasure Tokens

- 32 Status Effect Tokens

- 30 Story Title Tokens

- 8 Serendipity Tokens

- 18 Potion Tokens

- 54 Quest Tokens

- 4 Hero Ability Tokens

- 53 Realm Object Tokens

- 17 Counters

- 24 Gold Coins

15 Dice

- 10 Ten-sided Hit Dice

- 5 Six-sided Fate Dice



Game Length:120 minutes

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