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1A Games

Leviathans simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history/steampunk 1910. The king leviathans, battleships, are the largest vessels. Maneuvering in support are light cruisers, destroyers and other vessels. Will you captain your fleet for king and country, expanding your nation's power and becoming legend? Or will you fall from the sky, forgotten? YOU DETERMINE THE OUTCOME!

An Easy-To-Use Game System All the details for movement and attack are on each miniatures' Ship Card, where colored Weapon, Crew and Location icons correspond to colored dice. A player quickly reviews his Ship Card, selecting appropriate dice for the gun battery to be fired, adding additional dice after reviewing the target Ship and then rolls all dice in a Breach Roll. If the result is equal to or higher than the Breach Number in a Slot, it's destroyed! Destroy enough Slots and you'll beak a ship's keel, sending it tumbling from the skies!

Vendor: 1A Games

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