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Go Fetch!

Asmodee Games

Go Fetch!



Go Fetch! is a children's game of skill, quick reflexes and ultimately speed, that is sure to captivate children and adults alike! The goal of the game is to collect as many bits of kibble (colored balls) as you can before the other players snatch them up. To add another level of difficulty, players can also choose to only eat certain colors of kibble or only 1 piece of kibble in each color for those puppies who are on a diet.

CONTENTS Go Fetch! Contains a spring-loaded Dog Bowl; 4 Puppies and lids); 20 colored Bits of Kibbles; 3 menu cards; 1 sheet of stickers; and 1 rule book.


  • 3 different opportunities of game-play;
  • Excellent replayability.
  • Visually appealing game pieces;
  • Game pieces are easy for little children to manipulate
  • Vendor: Asmodee Games

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