Clinic with Medical Dossier Expansions 1 and 2

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You are the rich owner of a large field near New York where health needs are more important. Your goal is to build the most efficient hospital in three dimensions in order to get the most popularity. You will manage the construction of the building from scratch as well as the installation of new services and the recruitment of the best doctors, nurses and administrative staff that align with the arrival of new patients. You will also be attentive to the well-being of patients and not forget that time is also money when competing with neighboring hospitals...

Each turn in CLINIC, players take three actions—building in different modules; hosting patients; hiring doctors, nurses and staff — by playing one card. Each cube that enters the clinic comes with a car that needs to be parked, leaving less space for the hospital being constructed! During the game, you'll move patients, doctors, nurses, and staff in the 3D structure as efficiently as you can in order to save time, with doctors and nurses tending to patients as long as their colors (indicating both training and illness) match. By taking care of patients you receive money, which lets you pay fees, salaries and maintenance as well as buy popularity points.

During an administrative phase, uncared for patients grow sicker, new patients enter the pre-admission room, doctors become less knowledgable about the diseases they face, and new doctors and nurses become available from their schools. In the end, the player with the most popularity points and least time spent during the game wins.



First big expansion for the basic game CLINIC released inside an awesome real Medical Dossier.
It contains :

  • 4 new big tiles for the common board that allow new abilities for the doctors, the nurses and the staff
    • one Dormitory
    • one cafeteria
    • one ambulances area
    • one maintenance shop
  • 48 Urban Design Cards which shows a structure in 3 D That the players have to build in 3 levels of complexity
  • a fifth floor for the hospital directors who want to touch the sky
  • 8 big grey cubes "the Janitors" That upkeep the corridors/Elevators
  • 12 players cubes for the new buildings
  • rules


Second big expansion for the basic game CLINIC, released inside an awesome real Medical Dossier.
It contains :

  • 2 new big tiles for the common board that allow new abilities for the nurses which can treat patients with medical pulls and a new kind of Patients, the Elders :
    • one Pharmacy
    • one Hospice
  • 25 Empty Medical Pills in 4 colors that can be purchased by the players during the Action phase !
  • 16 small grey cubes "The Elders" who are living in the Hospice, they move slowly and require more attention to be treated...
  • 4 players cubes for the new buildings
  • Rules