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Cartoona Heads and Tails Expansion

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Designer: Robert Burke

Publisher: Game Salute

Number of Players: 1-8

Playing Time: 30-40 minutes

Recommended Age: 3+

Mechanisms: Pattern Recognition, Set Collection, Tile Placement

Inside this box are two expansions for the creature-building, tile-laying game Cartoona!

The Heads On Tails Expansion
The Heads On Tails expansion allows Cartoona players to build wacky two-headed creatures! Included are 3 new tiles and 3 new cards.
The Long Necks Expansion
In this zany expansion, Cartoona creatures can become even stranger! It includes neck tiles that can be placed in-between a head tile and a body tile. These neck tiles can be placed even when the head and body have already been connected, and multiples can be played for some seriously long necks! Neck tiles can also be placed on the creatures of your opponents to disrupt their strategy, or even take away points! Included are 6 new tiles and 4 new cards.