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Blood Bound

Fantasy Flight Games

The clan war has ended, and only a lucky few have survived. Can you gather the faithful and root out the rival clan's leader?

The conflict was inevitable. Both clans swelled in number and territory too quickly, and the ensuing clan war destroyed countless immortals. Aside from each clan's leader, only a few of the elite managed to escape the carnage. After lying low for a reason, both clan leaders are earnestly searching for survivors, both their own comrades and their adversaries. Now is the time for each leader to gather his loyal remnants for the final stand against the enemy.

Blood Bound is a game of deception and deduction for six to twelve players. Divided into two opposing clans and operating in secrecy, players attack, conspire, and scheme in an effort to tell friend from foe and ultimately bring down the leader of the rival clan. Full of suspense and surprise, Blood Bound plunges players into a world of suspicion, uncertainty, and high intrigue.


Players: 6-12

Game Length:15-30 minutes

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