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BattleCON : Strikers

Level 99 Games




Tired of going it alone? Strikers are Here! Add a new element to your duels by calling in your favorite characters for powerful boosts or unique special moves. Strikers add a dynamic new layer of possibility to BattleCON duels! Strikers give new synergy to Tag Team matches by letting you call your Tag Partner for one-off attacks or assistance when you need it most.


Can you build the ultimate team? This box contains 56 Striker cards, covering all the core characters from BattleCON: War and BattleCON: Devastation. It even introduces a few new faces! This is not a Standalone Game. Either BattleCON: War or BattleCON: Devastation is required to play with this expansion.

Vendor: Level 99 Games

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