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Arcus Revert Paint Stripper 500ml

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  • 500ml
Arcus Professional Colours is a local brand, water-based acrylic paint that is specially created for artists who prefer to mix their own colors to achieve their desired hues. With a high pigment concentration, the colors are highly saturated and perfect for creating any color you need. Our paint is specifically formulated to produce thin but high coverage coats while reducing traces of brush strokes to almost none, perfect for preserving details even in small-scale figures.

- Paint type: acrylic water-based
- Perfect for hand-painting with wet or hard palettes
- Can be used with an airbrush (pure or it can be thinned with water, 15-25 PSI)
- Can be cleaned with water when wet and isopropyl alcohol or acrylic thinner/stripper when cured
- Works best on surfaces prepared with primer
- Thin but opaque colors, buildable, and self-levelling
- 30-40% pigment content
- Can be mixed with other brands of acrylic paints
- Matte finish, can also be used with various acrylic mediums to achieve different types of finish
- Shake well before using
- Includes a hematite bead agitator inside each bottle
- Suited for painting:
  • • Miniatures /tabletop figures
  • • 3D Prints - Resin or Filament
  • • Vinyl figures
  • • Clay sculptures
  • • Gunpla
  • • Action figures

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