Stella: Dixit Universe
Stella: Dixit Universe
Stella: Dixit Universe
Stella: Dixit Universe

Stella: Dixit Universe

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Starseekers, the competition is about to begin!

Travel the skies and produce sparks with the other players to gather the most light. Fame will come to the best ones only; will you dare to move away from the group and attempt to reach the brightest stars at the risk of getting lost in the darkness?

Stella - Dixit Universe is a family game combining image interpretation and risk-taking within the fantastic universe of Dixit. Play with family or friends and try to collude with other players to win the game!


Each round, a word is given away. Among the unveiled pictures, secretly pick those which, to you, best match with this word.



Dare multiplying associations! Be careful though: if you are alone in the lead, the risk of falling will increase…


Unveil your selection of cards in a strategic order: at least one other player must have picked the same card as yours to allow you to stay in the game and score points!

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