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Rocket Age is set in a universe where, in 1931 Einstein, Tesla and Ray Armstrong, rode the first rocket ship to Mars, discovering that the solar system is populated by strange and wondrous alien peoples and adventure is never far away!

Discovering that they’re not alone in the galaxy, the nations of Earth race one another for the stars, sending out expeditions, embassies and invading armies to far-off worlds. There they discover all manner of alien life, from the stratified caste system of the Martians to the primitive, ape-like Venusians, from the degenerate Ioites and plant-like Ganymedians to the scheming of the Europans. The solar system is teeming with life – and danger!

Players take the role of whatever sort of heroes they want. There are thirteen playable intelligent species and sub-species in the Rocket Age Core Rulebook, with even more introduced in Heroes of the Solar System. What sort of game you play is up to you. Characters might be archaeologists on Mars, scientists exploring Venus, small time merchants running between the planets, or even members of the elite Rocket Rangers blasting off from one hot spot to another.

The Rocket Age setting is packed with danger and excitement – and it needs heroes! Heroes like you… 

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