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Vanguards of War Package - 2nd Hand

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Game: Vanguard of War

Genre: Tower Defence (Cooperative / Action Point System / variable player power)
Player: 1-4 (5-6 Player with official Rules, doesn‘t look very playtested though)
Lenght: 2-3 hours
Price: Kickstarter 110€ plus Shipping for Base Game, 250 for all-in, incl. Shipping
Producer: Archon Studio (Load, Re-Load, Chronicle X, Empire of Men), former Prodos (Aliens vs. Predator)
Kickstarter Page:
Language Dependence: Moderate in-game text

Bioworm recomendation: No

What this is about:

Vanguard of War is a tower defence miniature game, where your heroes battle incoming waves of monsters set in a science-fiction-fantasy-warhammer-world trying to protect their base (in this case a church). As known from other skirmish-battle-dungeoncrawler games you try to combine your skills as opposed to the skills of the enemies and position yourself good on the map.

Heroes are allowed some action points, which will be mostly used for movement, various attacks and rummaging through the ruins in which you are playing – similar to zombicide. Dying isnt permanent, you can easily be ressurected for a minor price – there is a church after all. Also there are ways to improve your character, without it you ll loose for sure. Kill all the waves and the end bosses and you are the hero of your realm (storywise you got some strange killing weapon out of bad guys claws – literally).

Condition: All Items Sealed

Includes: Delta Squad,Fallen, Chaos,Harbinger,Darkness and Madness expansions