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How thee do, fellow Archons? We hope you enjoyed and learned well from our last piece, talking about the houses and what they offer as main and support players in Call of the Archons. Today, let’s do the same for Age of Ascension (AoA)!  As a quick aside before we go into detail, AoA is touted as an overall weaker set, compared to Call of the Archons. The strategies involved in the winning tactics employed by the houses in AoA require more interactions and are quite slower than in the first set. With that being said, we believe that the...

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Planning to go backpacking around the country with the gang? Booked that ticket to a luxury getaway overseas with the fam? Whoever you’re with, wherever your next destination is, get twice the adventure with these games. We have quite the list – let’s get unboxing!   A purr-fect way to have fun   EXPLODING KITTENS: ORIGINAL EDITION   Think Russian Roulette, but no guns or bullets because we’re anti-violence here, kids! Your mission: Draw as many cards as possible while avoiding the one with the exploding kitten, a.k.a. the cutest “Game Over” card ever! The deck contains cards that let...

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