Mind Games: Mensa Select Winners that will Blow Your Mind

May 01, 2023
Mind Games: Mensa Select Winners that will Blow Your Mind - Gaming Library
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For centuries, people have enjoyed playing board games, and for good reason. Imagine ancient Egyptians playing Senet while waiting to build the pyramid. (Caveat: It's likely that board games were played in ancient Egypt by members of all social classes, including the laborers who constructed the pyramids. It's possible that they did play board games during their breaks from work, though we can't say for sure).

Board games offer many things: entertainment, opportunities for social interaction, and learning. The Mensa Select award highlights the best of the best in board game design, showcasing games that not only provide fun but also challenge players to think creatively and strategically. Whether you're a Mensa member, someone looking for a fun and engaging game or someone who wants to impress his or her friends, these award-winning titles are worth checking out.


Akropolis (by Gigamic) is a game of strategy and construction. Players take on the role of ancient Greek architects, competing to build the most impressive structures on the islands in the Mediterranean. Purchase a tile, expand it, or stack it to add to your city. Depending on their height, each color can score differently and receive different amounts of victory points. This game is satisfying especially when you city comes together. Also, Akropolis was previously named Game of the Year at France’s prestigious As d’Or awards.


Boop (by Smirk & Laughter) is a fast-paced party game (Hum, on second thought, this might not be a party game) that challenges players to think on their feet. Boop is an abstract strategy game about cats jumping on a bed and bouncing other cats off of it is both deceptively adorable and deceptively difficult. Cute cats + cerebral game, what's not to love?



In the game Gartenbau (by 25th Century Games), players pick and arrange tiles in a tableau to fill in the gaps left by drafted flower tiles. The core of this lovely game is a dual-track rondel with three layers of tile laying. "Gartenbau" is a German word that translates to "gardening" in English. In the context of the board game "Gartenbau," players take on the role of gardeners competing to create the most beautiful and well-planned garden by strategically planting flowers and trees.


Mille Fiori


You play the part of glass traders and manufacturers in Reiner Knizia's and Devir Games's Mille Fiori (literally, Thousand Flowers), who want to make the most money possible from their involvement in the creation of fine glass art. The game board shows various elements of the glass manufacturing process, including the factories where the glass is made, residences where it is installed, supporters of your work, trade stores where it is sold, and the harbor where ships transport the glass to distant locations. If you watched Netflix's Glassmaking reality competition, Best in Glass, you would enjoy this game



In the game Trekking Through History (by Underdog Games), players travel through time to gather significant historical moments. They score points for creating sets of events in a particular order. The game encourages learning and memory retention, making it a great choice for families and classrooms. If you are a history buff, you will ace this game!


Previous winners of the annual awards since they first debuted in 1990 have included Magic: The Gathering, Hive, Dominion, Azul, and Ingenious.

Mensa Select board games are a fantastic way to exercise your mind while having a good time. There is something on the list of winners for everyone, whether you like more imaginative games like Boop and Mille Fiori or more strategic games like Akropolis and Gartenbau. You can even learn something new while playing Trekking Through History. So why not play one of these games with your friends? What you might learn about yourself and the world around you is impossible to predict.



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