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Summoner Wars -b2b- Ticket to Ride Tournament!

 With torrid rains and heavy winds, friends and families were saddened as All aBOARD July was cancelled. Fear not, Gaming Library together with Robinsons Galleria is coming back with a vengeance with!

 Ticket to Ride will bring everyone together, whether you are a gamer or a non-gamer, parent or single adult or teen or a child, we can now all join in a tournament for FREE!

The Prize:

1.) Champion : A Brand NEW copy of Risk Legacy!

2.) Lender's Raffle Promo * (everyone who lends their copy of TTR USA or TTR Europe) will be given a raffle ticket. At the end of the tournament, a ticket will be drawn and the lucky winner will receive a Brand NEW copy of Dungeon Petz!

Mechanics :

1.) If there are 6 or more children under the age of 12, we will have a separate tournament for them. A NEW copy of Risk Legacy will be used as tournament prize also =D

2.) The tournament will only feature Ticket to Ride USA or Europe Version. 

3.) Depending on the number of players, the tournament will feature 4-5 rounds of play. There will only be a maximum of 4 players in a table and minimum 3.

4.) Points will be awarded during the first two rounds depending on ranking. 

      In a 4 player game, 1st place gets 12, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 6, 4th -3.

      In a 3 player game, 1st place gets 12, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 4 

5.) After 2 rounds (or 3 rounds if number of players exceed 20), Top 8 players with the HIGHEST score will advance to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals round, Top 4 will advance for the championship round.

Some Rules:

1.) Once a card has been drawn from the draw pile, it can never be returned. Meaning, you cannot change your action once you have drawn a card.

2.) Once a player has placed his trains, the action cannot be changed.

3.) Show courtesy to your fellow players, remember we're here to have fun and enjoy a great event! =D

Summoner Wars, on the other hand, will bring meta gamers and strategists together for an afternoon of punch and counter punches in epic battles!


Tournament Mechanics:

1.) Players are required to bring 2 unique different faction sets and 1 paper or wooden board. Players are then required to submit a battle report (form to be given on the day itself) and will have to list which deck they will use on a specific round. Each deck must at least be played once in the elimination round.

2.) There will be 3 rounds of play, at the end of which the top 4 would advance to the semi-finals. Winners of both semi-finals matches will duke it out in the finals. 

3.) In choosing a deck for the semis and finals, players will choose which deck they want to use at the beginning of the game by rolling a die and checking the result. 

If result is:

1.) 1 and 4 = use round 1 deck

2.) 2 and 5 = use round 2 deck

3.) 3 and 6 = use round 3 deck

Hope this new twists brings new strategies and elicit discussions on deck building!


Learn and have fun, it can be done!

-Gaming Library

Hans Kenner Fernandez
Hans Kenner Fernandez


Owner and GM of Gaming Library. Favorite games are : Agricola, Twilight Struggle, Summoner Wars and Pixel Tactics

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