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Star Wars X-Wing Tournament



Venue: Makati BNB Unit 202 926 Arnaiz Ave Makati City

Time: 10am




The GOAL is to be the last man standing – no points for second place!

1. Your OPPONENTS will be everyone else on the table.
2. OBSTACLES will be put forth by the TO during the battle.
3. REWARDS can help you offensively and defensively.
4. ALLIANCES are encouraged. Talk to your friends before the game starts and work together to defeat your enemies. Just remember that at some point, your ally WILL turn on you. How well do you really trust him/her?
5. FRIENDLY SHIPS - Since you can create alliances, you can also choose who is a friendly ship. This means you can use abilities that will help other players.

Each player will get 21 points to spend on 1 Non-Unique Small Ship Pilot. Large Ships and upgrade cards are not allowed.

A ship below 21 pts can spend points to increase his Pilot Skill (1 level = 1 pt) or buy legal upgrades until the player caps at 21 pts.

Rebel Ships
X-Wing (PS 1), 20 pts
Y-Wing (PS 1), 17 pts
A-Wing (PS 1), 17 pts
B-Wing (PS 1), 21 pts
HWK-290 (PS 1), 15 pts
Z-95 (PS 1), 11 pts

Imperial Ships
TIE Fighter (PS 1), 12 pts
TIE Advanced (PS 1), 20 pts
TIE Interceptor (PS 1), 18 pts
TIE Bomber (PS 1), 15 pts

In the cornucopia (in the center of the map), you will have a chance to gain some really great upgrades to help you defeat your opponents. However, entering the cornucopia may mean placing yourself in a bad position. Are the upgrades worth the risk?

Each player will contribute 3 upgrades cards to the TO prior to the start of the game, these will be returned at the end of the game. From these three upgrade cards, the TO will pick cards equal to the number of players. These will be placed face down inside the cornucopia. All upgrade cards will be legal on a ship if it was picked from the cornucopia regardless if the ship has a slot for that upgrade or not.

Deployment will be based on PS skill. In case of a tie, resolve with a coin toss or a D6.
Players can deploy their ships anywhere up to range 1 along the table edge.

After all the players turns are done, the TO will roll a D6 with the following results:
1 to 3 - Nothing happens.
4 - Asteroid movement - roll a scatter dice for each asteroid, asteroid will move 1 inch on that direction.
5 - Gravity well - All ships are moved 1-inch closer to the center of the board.
6 - Ion Storm - All ships are ionized.


1) If a ship does not have the action necessary to trigger an upgrade, for example the Target Lock action for Assault Missiles which a TIE Fighter does not have, what will happen?
The ship will be temporarily granted a pesudo-version of the action required in the card as long as the upgrade is still on the ship. This pesudo-action will only be used for this upgrade.
In the example above, the TIE Fighter will be granted a pseudo-Target Lock until the Assault Missiles have been fired. Once the Assault Missiles are gone, the TIE Fighter loses the pesudo-Target Lock. The TIE Fighter cannot use the pseudo-Target Lock to re-roll his attacks or anything else, only for firing the Assault Missiles.

Board Game King - Final Round

The Final 6.
  1. JC
  2. JDJ
  3. Fab
  4. Tomii
  5. Reuben
  6. JR
Final Round will be at All aBOARD 12nn - November 22, 2014 at Robinsons Galleria.





Lucky Chinatown Board Game Fest!


Gaming Library is coming to downtown Manila! We'll be bringing lots of games to Binondo and we look forward to meeting you guys there


Star Wars Tournament @ Makati B&B!

Tournament date: Saturday, August 16 2014,
Assembly time: 10am-10:30am
Round 1 Starts: 10:30am

-100 points standard tournament event
-Full FFG rules in play
-4 rounds 75 min of play per round
-Scenario Rule:No Named Pilots only(does not apply to upgrades and crew)
-strictly WYSWIG

Prize distro:
1st placer: Tantive IV with tap on the back and applause from the audience

2nd placer: MF Expansion with Tap on the back and applause from the audience

3rd placer: 1 small ship expansion with audience applause

Last Place:one guy to give you a high five(possibly the T.O.)

Entry fee: 200
Please PM your list to the T.O.'s on or before Aug 15 2014.

Event T.O.
Mark Octavio
Aerol Bibat


*We also have a special treat for all participants *(hint: It is a yummy treat)

Marvel Legendary Tournament Month


Look what we got!

Legendary Marvel Masterpiece promo cards!!!


There will be three tournaments as August becomes our Legendary month!




1st tournament - Quezon City Branch August 2 2014

Tutorial and practice session:

Every night 7pm July 28 onwards onwards


Prize Support :

Champion - Green Goblin Masterpiece promo card + 10% discount on the next purchase

Participation Prize: 3% discount on your next purchase

Venue & Time : Quezon City branch - Burger Company PH || 2pm


2nd Tournament - Makati B&B Branch August 9, 2014

Tutorial and practice sessions:

Every night of August 7pm onwards


Prize Support :

Champion - Spiderman Masterpiece promo card + 10% discount on the next purchase

Participation Prize: 3% discount on your next purchase

Venue & Time : Makati B&B || 2pm



3rd tournament - All aBOARD August 30, 2014!

Tutorial and practice session:

12nn Robinsons Galleria


Prize Support :

Champion - Hulk Masterpiece promo card + 10% discount on the next purchase

Participation Prize: 3% discount on your next purchase

Venue & Time : Robinsons Galleria Sports Loop || 2pm


Tournament Mechanics:
1.) Players who bring their copies will get a 5% discount on their next purchase as our way of gratitude for helping us make the event possible. Players are encouraged to bring the base game and expansions. Discount code will only apply to *available games on hand and in the next purchase.
2.) Tournament Organizer will announce on each round the Scheme Twist, Mastermind, Villain Groups and Henchmen groups.
3.) Players will randomly select who goes first and will draft one hero. In the event that there are less players than hero slots, the last player to draft on the first round will be the one to draft first on the second round.
4.) Each pod (table of players) must win against the scenario. Failure to do so will result to the whole pod being eliminated from the tournament.
5.) Depending on the number of players, there will be 2-3 elimination rounds. Only the players who advance past the elimination rounds will advance. In the event that there are more than 8 players, only the top 8 will advance to the semi-finals. Top 8 will be determined by the accumulated VP points by the players throughout the elimination round.
6.) In the semi-finals, each pod must first win against its scenario. All players who win against the scenario will be ranked according to their VP points. Top 4 will advance to the championship round.
7.) In the championship round, the player with the most VP points will be declared the champion. Victory against the scenario is not required.
1.) Please be ready for hard scenarios in the elimination round. Tournament organizer will be modifying some of them to increase their difficulty level.
2.) Tournament organizer reserves the right to modify the mechanics and rules depending on the situation.
3.) Incase of ties, player with the least wounds will advance. If in case of tie still, players with the most valuable deck (number of stars) will advance.



Tutorial and practice session:

Tuesday Game Night 7pm 

Tutorial and practice session:

Every night 7pm onwards

Mega Board Game Appraisal

Do you have games just lying around and being unloved? Do you want to purchase new games but still need funds?



brings you the good news!




  • Venue : All aBOARD Robinsons Galleria 3rd floor Sports Loop Level
  • Time : 230pm
  • Have your items appraised by Gaming Library and get store credit equivalents!


Appraisal Steps:

  1. Bring your item to All aBOARD
  2. Please note any missing component or part
  3. Gaming Library will inform you of the value that we think the game can be sold through our website
  4. Pick from two options:
    1. Sell the games to us at 45% of the value store credit equivalent
    2. Consign the games to us at 80% of the value and when the item gets sold you get cash


Item A value -> P1,000

  • Sell Option -> Get P450 equivalent of store credits (Gaming Library now owns the board game)
  • Consign Option -> Get P800 when the item gets sold on Gaming Library's website. (You still own the item until it gets sold)


It is time to help your games the love that they deserve so that you can now look for the new game that you want in Gaming Library!



All aBOARD Free Game Day June 2014



It has been far too long! Gaming Library would like to invite all of our friends to gather once again to celebrate the hobby of board gaming. Let's go back to the reason of how things started and again play with our friends and families in All aBOARD.




New games are opened and played

New strategies on different games are encountered

New champions are born

New friends are met and the board game community grows!


What is All aBOARD?
All aBOARD is a monthly game day that is organized by Gaming Library. We bring together friends from all over the metro to celebrate by playing board games. It is a great way to meet new friends and gaming buddies. Everyone can bring their own games or they can try out the demo games to be provided by Gaming Library. We will have coaches who can teach the games. So don't worry if you don't know how to play yet :)

We will have enough capacity to seat more than 100 people! It is the biggest meet for board gaming!
Best of all it is FREE!

Venue: Sports Loop Robinsons Galleria
Time: 12nn-8pm
What to Expect: Tons of new games available for demo! + Lots of fun!!!!
To Kick it off!
Summoner Wars tournament
Time: 230pm
(Table allocation is 6 tables)
(Each participant will get a promo card)
(Entrance is free)
(Champion gets 3 Alternate summoner wars art cards)
1.) All 2nd Summoners Only for (Cave Goblins, Guild Dwarves, Phoenix Elves, Tundra Orcs, Vanguards, Fallen Kingdom, Jungle Elves and Cloaks). Master Set Factions, Mercs and Filth may use their first Summoners.
2.) Players can customize their deck even with the first summoner cards of their respective faction
3.) 4 rounds of play Round Robin - Time limit of 1 hour per match.
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