April 16, 2014

Click Clack Toc Toc Lumberjack Tournament!!!




Join us as we host the first ever Click Clack Lumberjack (Toc Toc Woodman) tournament! Burger Company PH is also doing a promo of 10% off on all of their food items for joining the tournament. Come one come all!

We wanted it special this third month so we will be hosting a CLICK CLACK LUMBERJACK TOURNAMENT! We will be opening the floor with groups of 4 people and anywhere from 8 to 16 participants first and the winner will be given THEIR OWN COPY OF CLICK CLACK LUMBERJACK!

BEST THING YET! No entrance fee to join! Just eat at Burger Company and enjoy playing!  

Venue : Burger Company PH, 72 Scout Reyes cor Mother Ignacia QC

Time: 1:30pm 


Facebook Event Page here.

March 06, 2014

All aBOARD is back! March 29, 2014



It has been far too long! Now that Gaming Library is back up and running, we would like to invite all of our friends to gather once again to celebrate the hobby of board gaming. Let's go back to the reason of how things started and again play with our friends and families in All aBOARD.




New games are opened and played
New strategies on different games are encountered
New champions are born
New friends are met and the board game community grows!
To Kick it off!



We are reintroducing two hot games in the tournament scene. - Love Letter and Summoner Wars.



Summoner Wars tournament prize : 1 Tundra Orcs 2nd Summoner Pack


Tournament Mechanic of Love Letter:

Love Letter tournament prize : 1 copy of Love Letter


  • There will be 4 rounds of play.
  • Each round will have the last player of each group eliminated from the tournament.
  • After 4 rounds of play, the top 4 will duke it out in championship round. 
  • 2pm Start time
  • Entrance is FREE
  • Tutorial session can be done during the weekly gaming nights or join us at 1pm in Robinsons Galleria before the tournament

Tournament Mechanic of Summoner Wars:


  • For variety purposes - only 2nd Summoners are allowed. (Cave Goblins, Guild Dwarves, Cloaks , Jungle Elves, Vanguards, Fallen Kingdom and Phoenix Elves)
  • Decks can be customized and mercenaries will be allowed
  • Swiss tournament style
  • Entrance is FREE
  • 2pm start time
  • Tutorial session can be done during the weekly gaming nights or join us at 1pm in Robinsons Galleria before the tournament


If you want to try out other games then be sure to bring friends and we'll have loads of awesome new stuff for you to try out!


See you there.

- Gaming Library







    All Pictures can be seen on our Facebook fan page. https://www.facebook.com/Gaming.Library

    January 13, 2014

    Board Game King


    There can only be ONE


    The Board Game King campaign of Gaming Library will test board game players in the various games. The games will cut across different categories, span across themes and cover solo and multi-player games.


    2nd Challenge!



    *Love Letter Challenge - you may join this month's All aBOARD tournament March 29 and this will be considered your round.




    *Resistance Coup challenge - win 2 games to advance




    Small World!


    The last player from each POD will be eliminated.



    Congratulations to the people who are advancing to the next round:


    Round 2 POD groupings:




    Allen Santos

    Mon Macutay






    Carlos Sandico

    Tomii Eusebio



    Fab Salas

    TJ Tolentino




    Jr Alagao

    Francis Fabie





    JC Velasquez


    Izawa Takahiro


    Up for grabs for the Top Seed winners - get to vote for the next category of games where the third challenge will come from!







    Rolf was the winner for Pod 1 and has the photo and scores for our Ticket to Ride USA game.


    Ranking for Pod 1 is as follows:

    1st - Rolf
    2nd - Aaron 
    3rd - Lorenzo
    4th Fab




    Ticket to Ride: Europe

    1st: JC Velasquez

    2nd: Allen Santos

    3rd: TJ Tolentino



    Pod 3 

    Carlos Sandico- 198
    Izawa Takahiro - 93
    Nicco Mapua - unable to attend
    Marc Jordan Alvaran Cruz - unable to attend

    Ticket to Ride USA Mega



    Pod 4 results:
    Tomii 123
    Francis 115
    Vincent 111
    Vino 83



    Pod 5 results

    Ticket to ride Europe

    Jr Alagao - 130
    Mon Macutay - 96

    Allen Chiang - did not attend
    Rodrigo Vasques - did not attend



    Pod 6


    Pod 6 Result

    Jdj - 129
    Lean - 95
    Ruben - emergency leave

    Javier - won't be participating further.



    ---------------------------------------------------End of Update------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Mechanics Update! A lot of people have asked what are the mechanics of the campaign. Well here's a quick sneak peek!

    1.) Players will compete in different board game challenges throughout the campaign. They will be pitted against (Humans, AI, a different team of AI or Humans) and will be grouped into "PODs" . Each week the last placer of each "POD" will be eliminated. It is survival of the fittest!


    2.) There will be a 2 week window for people to meet with their respective POD members to complete the challenge. This will enable them enough time to research, practice and plan regarding the challenge. All members of the POD must agree on a date and venue for the meetup. Should there be no consensus, majority wins and top seed breaks ties. Failure to comply with the meetup will automatically result in elimination (even if he/she has an immunity card)


    3.) Immunity/Bonus cards - from time to time, challenges will give top winners of the PODs rewards (these range from store credit, immunity from elimination, etc...) - these will be announced at the same time of the challenge.


    4.) Challenges - every 2 weeks there will be 3 sets of challenges that will come out. Each POD must decide which challenge they will participate in. Top seed breaks ties if there are no majorities. Things will get harder and harder each round that Gaming Library can assure you.


    5.) Winners must post a report detailing the ff:

    • Venue and Date where challenge was held
    • Challenge Undertaken
    • Ranking of Players (top to bottom)
    • Picture as evidence 


    6.) Venues for meetups:




     Prize : 5,000 worth of boardgames!



    February 04, 2014

    Gaming Library Anniversary Sale!

    Can't believe we made it this far but Gaming Library is 3 years old! To thank everyone who has supported us we are having a 1 week SALE on a LOT OF ITEMS! 


    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Sale is applicable only to those selected available items.

    2. Orders must be placed and paid by February 4-11,2014.

    3. Orders not paid and fulfilled will be cancelled on February 12, 2014. - This is to be fair to everyone

    January 30, 2014

    RPG Library

    Recently you have seen a lot of new categories being born on the Gaming Library family. Today we are proud to announce that we are carrying the Star Wars Edge of the Empire series as a startng point for our RPG Library.


    Pre-order them now.


    December 12, 2013

    All aBOARD Christmas Game Day


    The last All aBOARD for 2013!


    What is All aBOARD? 


    All aBOARD is an open game day meet where people are welcome to try out different board games. You can also bring your own to try them out with different people joining the event. It is FREE and everyone is welcome :)



    Featured Games:

    1.) Summoner Wars

    2.) Agricola

    3.) Android : Netrunner



    If you want to see a game or try it we will do our best to have a demo copy. Hope you can place your wishlist on the comments below!

    November 14, 2013

    Summoner Wars November Tournament


    *Note : Compete not complete



    1) Each player must bring only 1 deck

    2) There will be at least 3-4 rounds of play depending on the number of players

    3) All cards are allowed and deck building follows the official rules of Summoner Wars.


    Prize : Depending on the number of players, 1 Faction pack + 1 pack of Fan Art Summoners will be opened and drafted. 2nd pick goes to the fellowship award to be voted among the participants.


    New Guy Night : Any player who joins for the first time will be given 1 Mercenary Promo card. =) The best time to get your friends to join in! There will be a tutorial session starting 12NN.


    Tournament Report to be done by the champion.


    Good luck!

    October 17, 2013

    Legendary All aBOARD Tournament + Free Game Day!

    Are you ready for the Legendary Tournament?
    Tournament Mechanics:
    1.) Players who bring their copies will get a 5% discount. Players are encouraged to bring both Base game and expansion. Discount code will only apply to *available games on hand and in the next purchase.
    2.) Tournament Organizer will announce on each round the Scheme Twist, Mastermind, Villain Groups and Henchmen groups.
    3.) Players will randomly select who goes first and will draft one hero. In the event that there are less players than hero slots, the last player to draft on the first round will be the one to draft first on the second round.
    4.) Each pod (table of players) must win against the scenario. Failure to do so will result to the whole pod being eliminated from the tournament.
    5.) Depending on the number of players, there will be 2-3 elimination rounds. Only the players who advance past the elimination rounds will advance. In the event that there are more than 8 players, only the top 8 will advance to the semi-finals. Top 8 will be determined by the accumulated VP points by the players throughout the elimination round.
    6.) In the semi-finals, each pod must first win against its scenario. All players who win against the scenario will be ranked according to their VP points. Top 4 will advance to the championship round.
    7.) In the championship round, the player with the most VP points will be declared the champion. Victory against the scenario is not required.
    1.) Please be ready for hard scenarios in the elimination round. Tournament organizer will be modifying some of them to increase their difficulty level.
    2.) Tournament organizer reserves the right to modify the mechanics and rules depending on the situation.
    3.) Incase of ties, player with the least wounds will advance. If in case of tie still, players with the most valuable deck (number of stars) will advance.
    Now are you ready? Contributions to strategy primers, especially on team play will be greatly appreciated and rewarded. =D

    October 17, 2013

    Smash Up Tournament Results

    Congratulations Tomii Eusebio for being the first ever Smash Up Champion in the Philippines



    Here's the tournament Report by Tomii :


    1st match: Dino/Wizards Got slow start, often only getting 3rd place on base scores but manage to score a base

    alone to catch up. Got owned by Zombie/Steampunks when he can score a base every turn.

    Got tied for 2nd place.



    2nd match: Zombie/Plants I was able to setup an untouched Water Lily early but unable to score 1st on bases. I

    was on 2VP while the other two already had more than 5. I was able to catch up mid game,

    scoring a base every turn. Played overrun on last base to be scored to seal the victory

    on my next turn.

    3rd match: Zombie/Steampunks Got my Ahabs and Rotary Slug-Thrower early. Setup my Ahabs on different bases then

    played slug-thrower to amass them on one base to score 1st, not counting Tenacious Z.

    Returned the slug-thrower to hand to score another 1st next turn. Mechanic and Zombie Lord seal the deal on the succeeding turns.



    Semi-Finals: Zombie/Plants Everyone's on a slow start except for the Ghost player which has scored a base on his

    2nd turn because he has already discarded his hand. I was able to set up my Lily for

    card draw, and so I was able to catch up. I forced the ghost player on my left to score

    the Rhodes Plaza Mall so that when he scores it, we'll be both tied to 15VP. But we got

    ruled out to continue playing until there's a clear 1st and 2nd place. Play continues

    on, and I eventually won with the Ninja guy.



    Finals: Steampunks/Plants Draft sequence was Ninja-Zombie-Steampunks-Bear-Wizards-Plants-Pirates-Dino First base (Minions +1 power) was scored on the 1st round by playing War Raptor,Tooth

    and Claw-Walker,Mall Crawled Tenacious Z-Weed Eater-Polar Commando.


    My first Lily got killed by the Ninja guy, but not the next Sprout which evolved into another Lily. I was

    scoring bases one after another after drawing Slug-thrower. Killing blow was on the base having a Steam Man, playing a Mechanic fetching the slug-thrower then a Blossomed Steam Queen

    October 03, 2013

    Summoner Wars September Tournament Report!

    Congratulations Nicco Mapua for winning the Summoner Wars Tournament for September!

    Here is the Battle Report Summary!
    Player Rankings:
    Nicco Mapua (Torgan/Syrian) 3-0 SoS 6-3
    Mary Anne Bernardino (SE/BE) 2-1 SoS 6-3
    Marshall Quadrant (BD/DD) 2-1 SoS 5-4
    Mon Tan (Syrian/Samuel) 2-1 SoS 4-5
    Benjamin Lim (Samuel/Elien) 2-1 SoS 4-5
    Charles Tan (Oldin/Syrian) 1-2 SoS 5-4
    Bong Belardo (JE/SE) 1-2 SoS 5-4
    Budi (MV/SE) 1-2 SoS 3-6
    Janton Cuaki (Fricks/SG) 1-2 SoS 3-6
    Adrian (Maldaria/SO) 0-3 SoS 4-5

    Faction Statistics:
    Syrian 3-2
    Torgan 2-0
    Samuel 2-1
    SE 2-1
    BE 1-2
    JE 1-2
    GD 1-1
    MV 1-1
    DD 1-0
    SG 1-0
    SO 0-1
    Maldaria 0-2
    Fricks 0-2
    Here's the write up from Niico:

    Round 1: Torgan vs. Samuel Farthen (Benj)

    I crowd his walls early with a bunch of Berserkers and a crusher. The Berserkers eventually take a wall down and force Samuel and his troops back and to circle the walls away from the Berserkers. Using Ice Armors on 1 life Berserkers I get off a well timed For Glory on Samuel. With the dead Berserkers I summon Ugg. Samuel charges Ugg with a Transformation. I summon Grok and quickly put two more walls around her. Grok and Ugg tag team Samuel.


    I predict that I will be playing Torgan for the whole tourney.


    Round 2: Torgan vs. Tacullu (Marshall)

    Knowing that I trundled his modified Sand Goblins with a base Sirian last month means that I know I'm playing Torgan again.


    We start attritioning off our own units, so he can Magic Drain and so I don't get Magic Drained. An early Kalal and all my events and champions get buried. Hooray.


    Marshall manages to field all 3 of his champions before I even draw one while having to throw out most of my commons to magic. I manage to attrition them with Krom and a bunch of commons. He decks out and Tacullu is looking at a Berserker and Ugg. Marshall decides to make a short and painful story shorter and concedes.



    Round 3: Mad Sirian vs. Tacullu (Mary Anne)

    Knowing she played Sirian for her first two games I expected her to go for Torgan. But she also won against Sirian for her first two games. She picks Sirian, I make her play her Benders (since she won against Sirian twice with her Shadow Elves)


    Again, I crowd walls using Vampires and Warlocks. Hoping to demolish one or two to goad Tacullu forward. No luck. I throw a Corpse Wyrm down which gets counter summoned quickly. We eventually both deck-out without much action. Eventually it comes down to Hirud and Gul-Dass against Tacullu and Kalal with a Mad Sirian in the distance belting out "I will survive".



    Final Thoughts:It was a good day. A lot of new players showed up as well as the usual culprits. I hope one day in the future, the stars align and everybody shows up :P


    - Nicco Mapua, September Champion